What is Project Based Learning?

by | May 29, 2015 | Project Based Learning, Uncategorized

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. (BIE)

In today’s world the job market and opportunities look very different than they did even just 15 years ago. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and the skill set that students need to move into the work force needs to support the vastly changing work arena.

Project based learning helps students build:

Problem Solving Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
Collaborative Skills
Communication Skills
Creativity and Innovation

Problem Solving

In project based learning students learn to solve problems founded upon open ended questions that students find interesting. Because they are working on   exploring intriguing questions the students gain intrinsic motivation for solving the problem. Motivation that stems from the student’s desire to learn and solve problems will awaken an understanding for how what they learn relates to the real world.

Project Based Learning Builds Critical Thinking Skills

Traditional learning requires that the students receive feedback from their educators but with project based learning, students will also receive feedback from their peers as well project based results and data. These are transferable skills for solving problems in the real world.

Project Based Learning Builds Collaborative Skills

They say no man is an island and neither are people who make a difference in the world. Problem solving, innovation and life in general takes collaboration   and teamwork. Understanding how to work with others is a key skill that is important not only for future work that the students will engage in but in their personal lives as well.

Project Based Learning Builds Communication Skills

Project based learning allows the students the opportunity to learn how to communicate their thoughts, ideas, critique to their peers, teachers and their public. Good communication skills are critical soft skills that is an integral part of the future success of the student’s careers.

Project Based Learning Teaches Creativity and Innovation

Project based learning creates unique results for every group because every group of participants is unique. No group will be made up of the same people with the same experiences. Although you can follow the same basic steps for each project there will be opportunity for creativity and innovation for how each project is implemented.

Project based learning is a great way to introduce basic educational components to students while also teaching them many new transferable skills that will benefit them in their career and future.


If you are an educator, student or parent looking to incorporate project based learning into your education contact Stratostar today.