Want to launch a weather balloon?

With StratoStar, the edge of space is closer than you think

Stimulate high-level learning

Make aerospace education fun!

Engage every student in Learning

Project-based learning engages every student –
from the high-achievers to the hesitant participants

But making some of the most important STEM concepts engaging is difficult.

  • Many STEM projects keep students stuck indoors or glued to a screen
  • Hands-on learning programs can be expensive and time-consuming to launch
  • Without guidance, it’s hard to know where to start

At StratoStar, we believe students deserve the best opportunities to learn, explore, experience, and engage. That’s why our high-altitude balloon kit and launch program was designed to help educators inspire every student— from the front of the classroom, to the back.

Why is launching a high-altitude balloon
ideal for project-based learning?

This near-space experiment pushes students to apply every discipline— math, science, writing, and reading— while building valuable collaboration skills, both inside and out of the classroom

Nothing inspires students to put their book knowledge to work like a hands-on weather balloon launch. And nothing inspires deep learning like a multi-discipline activity. A high-altitude balloon launch gives kids the opportunity to explore space like NASA scientists— and discover a love of technical learning along the way.

Teaching is amazing— but exhausting.


The educators we work with have a lot on their plates. That’s why StratoStar’s K-12 aerospace education experiment comes with a high level of one-on-one coaching and support.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for students, and an easily repeatable project for passionate educators.

StratoStar provides a way to help your students love learning math, reading, science, and writing concepts as much as you love teaching them.

Inspire a love of STEM with out-of-this-world
project-based learning

Our K-12 introduction to weather ballooning program includes the curriculum, training, and support you need to maximize learning and launch the coolest project of the year— every year

This beginner-level program is designed to equip educators with the tools and training they need to create a repeatable, project-based aerospace education experiment. Plus, our NGSS-aligned curriculum stimulates critical thinking and seamlessly integrates with your existing lesson plan— saving you time and effort.

This StratoStar program includes:

  • Weather balloon, launch supplies, and balloon tracking equipment
  • Access to our Mission Control software to monitor your balloon’s journey to space— and back
  • Online and live educator training
  • Standards-aligned curriculum
  • Support securing FAA approval for your launches

Throughout your program, you’ll also have direct access to the StratoStar support team for ongoing coaching and development.


Ready to explore the edge of space?
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“We have had students go into STEM fields because of the StratoStar Missions. That is pretty freaking cool!” – Jon – District STEM Director 

“I have not done a program in 16 years of teaching which has engaged as many students as the StratoStar Program” – Buffy – Middle School Science Educator

Three steps to a successful weather
balloon launch with StratoStar

1. Connect

Hit the button below to tell us about your course and organization. We’ll send over a detailed proposal and schedule a call if you have questions. Need to secure funding for this project? We can help with that, too.

2. Prepare

Receive the balloon equipment and supplies you need for launch day. In the days leading up to launch, our convenient online courses, 1-on-1 coaching, and customizable curriculum will prepare you and your group for a successful experiment.

3. Launch!

Take your students to the edge of space and back with an unforgettable launch experience. All the real-time data you need to track and retrieve your weather balloon payload is at your fingertips.

Testimonials We get it -Launch a new aerospace education project can feel daunting

and time and budget constraints can make high-impact project-based learning difficult

At StratoStar, we understand the challenges educators face. Over the past 16 years, our team has helped hundreds of organizations across the country launch successful, repeatable weather balloon programs that get students excited about STEM.

Over the course of 1,000+ launches, we’ve streamlined this process for schools and educational programs. Our customizable aerospace education program offers fully supported curriculum, training, and coaching to ensure your class’ success.

The Ultimate Guide to Engaging

Your Classroom


It’s not easy to capture students’ attention— especially when it comes to STEM learning.

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