Accelerate your project

With high-altitude balloon rideshare

testing for your space-bound products

No simulation can capture all the complexities of space

When your product is stuck on the ground, you miss out on the valuable real-world data you need to accelerate development and reach space deployment

  • Simulations fail to accurately replicate the impact temperature, pressure, altitude, and other factors can have on your hardware
  • Launching your product on a rocket or satellite is often cost-prohibitive— especially in the early stages of R&D
  • Without authentic data, your research and progress can slow to a halt

You can try to gather critical real-world data on your own, but DIY high-altitude balloon kits come with significant risks, including inaccurate data, loss of payload, FAA violations, and unexpected complications.

Stratospheric balloons offer R&D teams, aerospace engineers, universities, and advanced high school aerospace programs a bridge to space— and the opportunity to gather the high-quality, near-space data you need to move forward.

Why leverage high-altitude testing
for your product or research?


High-altitude balloons take your product to the edge of space— and back— at a fraction of the cost and effort of satellite or rocket testing



A high-altitude balloon from StratoStar can be relaunched repeatedly for long-term testing and optimizations


Quality data

While simulations can test a handful of factors, near-space testing exposes your product to true conditions— revealing weaknesses and opportunities sooner


With the help and expertise of Jason Krueger and Stratostar, we were able to gain the hardware and knowledge to allow our balloons to fly out over the ocean and recover them successfully.

Nichole – NASA

Utilizing StatoStar’s training and SatCom Program our engineers are able to rapidly test their prototypes and software using high-altitude balloons, which provides valuable data to accelerate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

alex  – Northrop Grumman 

 StratoStar high-altitude balloon Rideshare 

fully-supported end-to-end mission and payload integration services 

How to participate in your first

high-altitude Rideshare mission 

1. Connect

Hit the button below to book a consultation call with our team. We’ll discuss your project goals and scope, then send over a detailed quote and timeline.

2. Prepare

We’ll develop a personalized launch or training plan based on your project goals. In the days leading up to your launch, you’ll receive the support you need to enjoy an ideal stratospheric balloon launch.

3. Launch!

Gather critical data your team can leverage to accelerate your project— delivered in real time through our proprietary Mission Control software.

When it comes to high-altitude testing,
it’s hard to know where to start

And time and budget constraints further limit your options for gathering essential near-space data

At StratoStar, we’ve spent over 16 years creating premium high-altitude balloon testing solutions for government projects, aerospace research teams, universities, and school programs. Over the course of 1,000+ successful launches, we’ve developed a reliable, easy-launch program that consistently delivers high-quality data— with a payload recovery rate of over 99%.

Don’t waste another minute on simulations and models.

Send your product to space— and back— with a high-altitude balloon Rideshare mission with StratoStar.