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StratoStar is a high-altitude ballooning company delivering equipment, avionics, software, training and launch services to support aerospace and education organizations.

StratoStar Mission

We believe anyone should have access to high-altitude weather ballooning and the unique environment of the stratosphere at the edge of space.  That’s why since 2006 we’ve developed electronics, software, and operating poceedures to make launching and recovering high-altitude balloons easier and ensure the payloads are recovered. We partnered with schools, companies, and teams across the country to support over 1,000 successful edge of space missions. We offer turn-key solutions, including tracking/sensing electronics, software, training courses, one-on-one coaching, supplies, and end-to-end launch services. StratoStar provides everything you need to launch your own high-altitude balloons or we can do everything for you, by flying your payload or implementing  customized missions to deliver your data.

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