There’s No STEM Textbook | STEM Resources For Teachers

by | Oct 13, 2014 | STEM Education Info

The guidelines for becoming a STEM teachers are usually not clear. There is no textbook for STEM. In order to educate yourself on STEM you may need resources. We put together a list of STEM resources that will help you become a more knowledgeable educator.


This creative site is for all ages. From tinkering to professional development workshops Exploratorium helps to release the inner curiosity. Be sure to check out the “Design teaching and learning tools” section of the site.

NASA — Educator

Take a look at NASA’s educator friendly articles. Get ideas for future lesson plans. Download video clips and posters. There is a page for all grade levels to   satisfy your specific needs.

eGFI: Dream Up the Future

Don’t get overwhelmed by the creative layout of this magical website. Here you will find how to ignite engineering education, lesson plans, and outreach programs. Be sure to sign up for the informational newsletter and download their magazine.

Master Tools

Master stands for “Modeling And Simulation Tools for Education Reform”. This site is packed full of ways to get your grade 6-12 students to become more interactive. If you don’t find what you need on Master Tools this month, come back next month. Their website is constantly expanding.

STEM Education Resource Center

Learn about STEM education from the online video and television shows brought to you by PBS Teachers. In addition to video content, indulge in self paced modules dealing with climate change and much more.

NASA ePDN – Electronic Professional Development Network

Take advantage of NASA’s free online professional development certificate programs. The programs are for teachers teaching robotics, project-based learning, statistics, and many more areas. These self directed courses will benefit all teachers in grades K-12.

STEM Educator Materials

Get inspired by learning how to help your students. All the materials you need to get started as a STEM Educator. Receive guidance, downloadable material, and student career information. Registration is required but free.

Becoming a STEM teacher is not an easy task. However, with the right STEM resources and help you can improve the educational experience of your students drastically. StratoStar will always be a resource for your STEM education needs. Download our free e-book for more information on STEM.