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Mars has been a hot topic in recent years. Everything from landing on the red planet to human habitation to alien life has been talked about. The scientists at NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory have been studying the planet since before 2012. One of the most...

Last month, a European probe called Schiaparelli crashed into the surface of Mars. The probe’s descent to the surface of Mars didn’t exactly go how scientists wanted it to. The retrorockets, which are designed to slow the descent, only fired for a few seconds rather...

High altitude science projects have come a long way since the early days of space exploration. Mankind has landed on the moon, orbited the earth, sent countless satellites through the deep unknowns of space, and even jumped from a weather balloon that rose up through the Stratosphere. Recently, space explorations identified that Mars, one of Earth’s neighboring planets, has flowing water. While scientists have known for years about Mars’ frozen water, they were surprised by recent discovery of flowing water. Which leads to the question, why hasn’t high altitude science resulted in putting an astronaut on Mars?