Secret STEM Lives of the Founding Father George Washington

by | Jan 7, 2013 | STEM Education Info

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin. All of these men are known as some of greatest contributors towards the birth of the United States of America. But, these men are more the just founding fathers; they are also innovators in other fields aside from politics and government. On the heels of the recent election, we’re really excited to move beyond campaign ads that focus on the faults of our leaders and instead celebrate their accomplishments. When you look back at America’s rich history, you’ll find that this isn’t exactly hard to do.

For the next three weeks, we’ll celebrate the end of the election season by exploring the lesser-known STEM accomplishments of our most beloved founding fathers. These men embodied the spirit of a nation, but they also contributed to the fields of science and engineering in some pretty amazing ways.

From Plows to Presidency

George Washington, the first U.S. President, was a farmer before taking command of the American army, and eventually the country. Washington took his occupation very seriously, devoting much of his time and energy to finding new ways to enhance his fields and his crops. After he realized that the tobacco he had been planting was ruining his soil, he switched to cultivating wheat as his main cash crop. Washington studied his field intently, organizing new methods for crop rotation, fertilizer repositories, and finding the best way to get more out of what he had before him. Before he assumed his position as first President, Washington had received his first patent for a special flour mix he had made. Understanding the wheat he grew, the soil it grew in, and the science of farming, Washington earned the right to be known as an innovator of farming sciences and hands-on STEM studies.

Reaching for the Stars

At StratoStar, we admire George Washington for his work outside of his political and military duties. It is our goal to find new ways to bring STEM studies to our schools and expand the knowledge we have of the world around us. Every time we launch a new balloon we get goose-bumps at the thought of retrieving new knowledge and expertise in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Today, students are known for their class grades and the things they learn while in school. But what about the things they do outside of school? Whether it’s after school activities, sports, hobbies, or even hands-on STEM projects, students can learn and be known for something other than their schoolwork. With StratoStar, students can go above and beyond their typical learning experiences with our high-altitude and weather balloon kits. StratoStar wants to help kids learn how to be innovative, creative, and knowledgeable through hands-on STEM experiments and projects. Just as Washington is known to be a great farmer aside from his political accomplishments, we want to show students how to see the world beyond a report card.

Tune in next week for a look at Thomas Jefferson’s many accomplishments in the STEM universe and find some inspiration for your next big project!