Pedaling Power: Helping Students Concentrate

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Cool Stuff

When it comes to helping students stay focused in the classroom, teachers have come up with all kinds of solutions. Everything from recesses to project-based learning, the ideas are creative and inventive. But, what if the real solution comes with two pedals?

Educators are giving students the opportunity to exercise during school hours and even during lessons. This activity lets students burn off excess energy and it might even help them focus better. How are they doing it? With bike pedals. For some people, standing desks are the way to get blood flowing and to boost concentration, but educators are learning that movement helps students concentrate and maybe even improve learning.

Burning Off Energy With Pedaling Power

Many students suffer from an excess of energy throughout the day. They tap their pencils on desks. Disrupt lessons by talking. Bounce their legs up and down under their desks. All of these can be huge distractions in the classroom. Schools are cutting recess times and creating more classroom time, leaving many students suffering from less time spent in unstructured, physical activity.

The under the desk pedal bikes are the perfect solution to that. Typically, these pedals are virtually noiseless, so they aren’t a disruption. Plus, the pedaling allows students to focus all of their excess energy on pedaling rather than talking to other students or tapping their pencils repeatedly.

Taking A Break By Pedaling

In other classroom situations, pedals are being used for students who need to take a break. Sitting at a desk and pedaling may not be the best solution for every student. Schools that provide students a place to take a break and pedal, support the students’ need to burn off energy and also be alone for a few minutes.

In most of these cases, pedaling is used for students who are too distracted in the classroom. However, the students don’t just pedal during their brief time out of the classroom. Educators have the students read during the pedal time, so they are still educationally productive. Many have stated that the students who spend time pedaling come back to the classroom more relaxed and the pedaling may be increasing their ability to learn.

Getting Started With Your Own Project

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