Minnesota Twins Weather Balloon Launch – Part 3

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Weather Balloons

In our last two blog posts, we wrote about a launch during a Minnesota Twins game, honoring Bob Cabana, Director of the Kennedy Space Center, and kicking off Minnesota Aerospace and Aviation Week, and even took it a little behind the scenes.

We love the exposure to balloons that the public is getting. There are more scientific experiments being completed by younger and younger scientists every day because space has become so accessible to everyone via balloon technology. Exposing how accessible this technology is to the public is important. Anyone and everyone who’s interested in STEM learning should have access to balloons.

So it’s even more exciting that every major TV station in the Twin Cities covered the Twins launch. They even fed some in-flight footage to one TV station in time for the 10pm newscast, and clips from that footage were posted and shown by many media outlets. It’s great exposure, and very well deserved.

As usual, we’ll leave you with a brief video taken from one of the cameras onboard the balloon. There’s some great footage here of the ballpark and of the city. Enjoy!


By Jason Krueger @StratoStar4u