Launch A Virtual Weather Balloon To The Edge Of Space

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Cool Stuff, STEM Education Info, Weather Balloons

Drumroll, please… the team at StratoStar is so excited to announce that we have built a virtual weather balloon mission to space. We wanted people to see what project-based learning can be like and how it feels to be in command during a weather balloon project.

Click Here To Launch A Virtual Weather Balloon!

Why did StratoStar create a virtual launch?

Students love StratoStar missions.

We love watching students get excited about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. When we do missions with educational organizations, we get to see it firsthand. For those students who haven’t seen a weather balloon launch just yet, we wanted to create a unique, virtual way to see what the process is like.

We wanted to show educators how easy a weather balloon launch can be.

Sometimes, the idea of taking on a big project can be intimidating for educators… they already have insanely busy schedules. Throwing a large STEM education project-based learning opportunity into the mix seems like a bit much. That’s why we wanted to show you how a launch works… it’s easy. So easy. Our team helps educators plan the project and customize it for any curriculum, but we do all of the heavy lifting. Where do educators come in? They get to do what they love, which is to teach.

We want to foster an interest in STEM education using project-based learning with weather balloons.

Most importantly, our mission at StratoStar is to get students excited about learning. The future is bright for those who choose a career path in STEM. It is our hope that our virtual weather balloon launch will help students realize that learning can be fun.

If you think launching a virtual balloon to the edge of space was a fun learning experience, imagine how exciting it is to launch a real weather balloon.

Are all launches with StratoStar like this virtual launch?

Our virtual launch gives some ideas of how we can customize the project to suit any STEM curriculum. Would you like to find out how to bring a StratoStar project to your school?