How to Get Girls More Interested in STEM Education

by | Apr 24, 2015 | STEM Education Info

The president has recently announced to shake up the country’s stalled wages by focusing on technology education. A disturbing and increasing trend has been occurring in the area of STEM education and careers in our country. American’s are seeing less and less students graduate in the areas of Science, Technology, Education and Math and we are falling behind in the global technology environment.

The program is called TechHire and The Obama administration is involving over 300 employers (including Google, Microsoft and local governments) to create job-creation by training Americans in tech sector skills.
The goal of TechHire is “Creating Pathways to Better, High-Paying Tech Jobs and Meeting Urgent Employer Demand Across the U.S.” through different educational channels such as universities, coding bootcamps and online courses that will train people to work in just a few months.
There are over half a million unfilled job in information technology across all industries from healthcare to retail, manufacturing and energy.
What does this mean for young people today?
It is becoming increasingly more important that we expose the next generation to STEM education and the opportunities that technology related careers offer. One way to do this is through project based learning where kids can perform experiments, retrieve data and see how their findings can affect the world around them.
How can you get involved?
Let your teachers and school administrators know about unique opportunities to educate kids outside of the normal classroom setting in a fun and educational way. As parents and educators you can influence the learning experience of school aged children and encourage your school to be aware of the necessity of focusing on STEM education.
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