How Bear Grylls Turned Fear Into Tenacity

by | Apr 10, 2017 | STEM Education Info

When you think about Bear Grylls, you probably picture him climbing a mountain, jumping out of an airplane, or even chopping his way through a jungle in South America. As an adventurer, he’s known for his television show about surviving in the wilderness, but he’s still afraid of one thing: cocktail parties full of strangers. Grylls recently admitted this fear at an educational conference, though it isn’t the fear that lead him to being the adventurer we all know so well.

The Fear That Turned Grylls Into The Adventurer He Is Today

Bear Grylls always had the adventurous spirit running through his veins. In his early 20s the call of adventure lead him to Africa where he jumped out of an airplane. Only, his chute malfunctioned and the young Grylls broke his back in 3 places. While these injuries eventually became the springboard for his later ambitions, his first thoughts were dark and full of fear. Understandably, Grylls was worried he wouldn’t walk again, but true to his philosophy of pushing through fears, he used his accident to launch even more adventure, “I might be a bit crook and a bit scarred, but I’m OK and I’m really going to claw my way back – and I really want to do something with my life.”

What Grylls Had To Say On His Early Education

When it came to discussing his own education, Grylls admitted school wasn’t his strongest attribute, “I wasn’t very good at school – and I struggled a lot with confidence.” But, he urged the educators in attendance to allow the struggles their students face to become the preperation for their future success. He says, out of this struggle comes strength, tenacity, and determination. Grylls’ own spirit of adventure and curiosity was built on his experiences with risk. He says encouraging young students who are shy and lack confidence is what educators should be focusing on. “If you strip risk out of young people’s lives, you kill that spirit. Risk is all around us and you empower kids if you teach them how to manage that risk.”

Empowering Students Through Science And Adventure

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