How 3D Printers Will Impact Our World

by | May 14, 2013 | Cool Stuff

At StratoStar, we are in awe of some of the amazing things science and technology discovers and innovates. Some really cool things are happening right now, and we can’t help ourselves: we’re just too interested. The latest thing that has really caught our attention is the relatively new 3D printer. This is exactly what it sounds like: a printer that uses plastic to turn blueprints into actual three-dimensional objects. When electronic paper printing became too normal for us, science and technology upped the game and developed ways to print actual objects.

Impacts on Business

The impact that 3D printing will have on individual businesses is astounding. Often, developing plans for new products takes large amounts of time and serious consideration. When 3D printing becomes more cost-efficient, products can be produced and tested and tweaked quickly, so new products will have faster turn-around. Taking it a step further, businesses like home consultants, manufacturers, and more will be able to show customers and clients models of everything. Realtors can print of models of homes, allowing prospective homebuyers to visualize the home before even entering it.

Impacts on the Home

When 3D printers are inevitably one day adapted for home use—the way most other appliances have been—we can imagine crazy, until-now unimaginable things happening. What happens when the battery cover breaks off of your TV remote? Print another. What about when a door handle breaks? Print another. It sounds almost absurd, but this is where we’re honestly headed.

Impacts on Learning

What makes us here at StratoStar most excited about the existence of 3D printers is the impact it will have in our schools, especially in the STEM fields. Students will be able to learn and create new things with the help of 3D printers. Using physics, math, and engineering, students can use 3D printers as tools for their learning. Not only will it help them grasp the fundamental principles of the sciences, it will also aid in their appreciation of new and developing advances in technology.

3D printers are really going to change how we create things. They even offer benefits for the military, since 3D printers would have the ability to print off weapon parts anywhere. Today’s students are in a prime stage in scientific and technological development, and there is an increasing number of ways to utilize inventions like the 3D printer. Stay tuned for more about how one student uses the 3D printer for more than just school and science!



jason stratostarBy Jason Krueger @StratoStar4u