Cool Videos From Edge of Space – Part 1

by | May 21, 2012 | Cool Stuff

High altitude balloons aren’t just for education. Sending a balloon to the edge of space is a very powerful image by itself, and incorporating everyday items can create a sense of exploration that is very moving. Even with all of the advancements made by NASA, the many Apollo programs, and the space station, space is still a very foreign world to us. It’s exciting to see how attainable near space can be, and how it can still invoke powerful feelings from viewers when they see the videos below.

We’ve noticed a trend with marketers and advertisers using balloons in creative ways to advertise products. In a new series all about Marketing at the Edge of Space, we’re going to delve deeper into what makes each of these videos unique and creative, as well as what the companies accomplish by sending a high altitude balloon into space. For now, take a look at some of the cooler commercials we’ve seen lately.

1. Toshiba – TV
Watch this video, in which Toshiba sends a common armchair into space. The image and tagline go hand in hand.


2. Citi – Rewards Credit Card
Citi’s commercial about their rewards card uses a weather balloon; the balloon is the main character’s hobby that he is able to enjoy as a result of saving money with Citi.

3. G-Form – Ipad Case
StratoStar uses high altitude balloons to test scientific hypotheses, but other companies use it as a testing ground for their products. G-Form uses a balloon to test the durability of their iPad case. That’s a heck of a fall.


4. GoPro – Video Camera
GoPro makes highly-durable HD cameras that are often used to document extreme sports. It turns out they’re also used often on high altitude balloons to document the entire trip of the balloon, including the descent back to Earth. Here, GoPro documents scientist James Trosh and his team sending a toy robot into space with the camera.

5. Mass Effect 3 – Video Game
There’s more than just the launch of the high altitude balloon, though. There’s also the tracking element, and we think that’s just as fun as the launch. Before the video game Mass Effect 3 (which was space themed) was released, Bioware sent a number of early copies up into the edge of space with high altitude balloons. Then, fans of the series were able to track the game as it ascended and descended back to Earth. The first people to find it got to keep the early copy.

You may have noticed things didn’t go entirely as planned for them. That’s part of the excitement of a balloon mission – and one we’ve experienced a number of times. There’s always a lot to account for, and we never know what’s going to happen so it is always an adventure!.

Keep an eye out for future entries in our Marketing at the Edge of Space series. In the meantime, share your favorite high altitude balloon videos in the comments below!