Benefits Of A Project Based Curriculum: Can Students Learn To Be Creative?

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Project Based Learning

Some students are given the gift of natural creative talent. The question is can students learn to be creative from the benefits of a project based curriculum.   Recent research suggest that the answer to this question is yes, if project based learning techniques are implemented and rewarded. We took a deeper look at what is being done when it comes to project based learning opposed to the standard learning techniques and the effect it has on learning to be creative.

What StratoStar And Others Are Saying?

StratoStar is spreading the word across the nation, the STEAM education and a project based curriculum needs to become more prominent in today’s lesson plans. Jason stresses “To me, nothing could ever beat those rare learning experiences when I would use my hands and personally experience the greater theories and lessons my teachers had for me.” When asked what the most crucial factor would be in the success of future leaders? A 2010 survey done by IBM of more than 1,500 CEOs from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide, stated, overwhelmingly, the answer creativity (DrexelNOW). Ken Robinson, an educator and author, disagrees with current educational practices in his 2006 TED talk boldly stating his belief that “creativity in education now, is as important as literacy”.

What Are The Results?

Students CAN learn to be creative! Discovering new knowledge and making new sense of what you are learning through project based learning is very influential on the creative mindset of students. “Our program teaches techniques for improving creativity – generating original ideas – but it also takes it that next step and teaches students innovation – how to implement those ideas.” said Fredricka Reisman, PhD. Teacher that focus on the uniqueness of each individual student and challenge themselves to tap into each creative strength through your lesson plans using a project based curriculum, are the most influential. Here at StratoStar we called them “Golden Apple Teachers”(nominate your teacher here).

Who Is Doing It?

StratoStar is staying true to the mission to “Empower Educators to unlock Student curiosity.”  StratoStar’s works with students, teachers, parents, etc. to strengthen the 21st century skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Thinking) that are needed in the workforce.Preparing students to think like creative professionals is the goal of Drexel University Online’s master of science degree program in creativity and innovation, offered through the School of Education (DrexelNOW). StratoStar is working hard to place more opportunities in front of students, with the goal to better their future careers. Now is the time to push creativeness. Gerard Puccio says it best “It’s (creative thinking) no longer a luxury. It’s about survival,”. For more information on a project based curriculum contact us !
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