Alien Bacteria Discovered Above

by | Jun 30, 2012 | Cool Stuff

Scientists have recently discovered what may be strands of alien bacteria in the upper atmosphere. The alien bacteria found have absolutely no resemblance to anything on this planet, making the discovery one of great importance. While it is not certain exactly where the bacterium is from originally, at StratoStar, we are certain of this: there are still things we have yet to discover in this incredibly enormous universe.

Alien Bacteria In Space

To paraphrase the source, this is essentially what was discovered: Scientists discovered four strains of alien bacteria found in space and they are brand new discoveries. Scientists think that they might be there of their own doing (meaning they weren’t brought up by a balloon), and they might not be from Earth at all. Some scientists have argued that carbon- and water-based life from other planets might look a lot like life from Earth, so we can’t rule out the possibility that these bacteria strains are, in fact, from another world.

The very possibility that these bacterium strands are from somewhere other than Earth is fantastic. Even more exciting to us at StratoStar is the fact that we spend so much time in this very environment with students of all ages. Whenever a huge breakthrough like this happens at the edge of space, we can’t help but think about our students who are sending instruments to the exact same place for some hands-on learning opportunities. Whether our students are learning basic theories or finding the answers to brand-new questions, they are working alongside today’s top scientists in a place where there is clearly more to be discovered.

When we take students out of the classroom and put them on the cutting edge of modern science, we are making huge strides in fostering the next generation of scientists. A decade from now, students who have had the opportunity to watch their theories and projects go from planning to launch to recovery to analysis might be more inclined to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and could be the next to make huge discoveries at the edge of space and beyond.

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