StratoStar Saves Christmas

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Weather Balloons

Twas the week before Christmas and at StratoStar
We were searching for Santa, we looked near and far…
But we had a strange feeling St. Nick might not show.
When up in the sky there arose such a clatter
That sound sounded bad… but what was the matter?

We looked up to the sky and saw a great sight:
St. Nick in his sleigh flying into the night.
When what to our wondering eyes should appear
Santa’s sleigh came unhitched from his team of reindeer!
“Oh no,” we all cried,”How can this be so?
Without the eight reindeer, his sleigh cannot go!”


Away to our warehouse we drove with a flash.
We needed supplies from our StratoStar stash.
We grabbed our supplies, all packed up in a case
And a weather balloon that flies almost to space.
We sped out to a field – there was no time for stalling
For each moment we waited, Santa was falling!


We filled up the balloon, as big as a horse,
And cried, “Don’t worry Santa, we’ll save you of course!”
Santa looked down at our team, his cheeks red with fear
“How can you save me? You’ve got no reindeer!”
Then laying a finger aside of our nose
We launched the balloon and watched as it rose.


It went higher and higher into the night sky.
“Grab on, Santa, quick, and your sleigh can still fly!”
St. Nick reached out and grabbed the balloon
And we watched as he floated up toward the moon.
The balloon helped him sail to the stratosphere
And we watched with big smiles as his sleigh disappeared.


Then we heard him exclaim as he rose out of sight,
“Thank you StratoStar! You saved Christmas night!”