3 Ways to Quickly Incorporate Project Based Learning Into the Classroom

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Project Based Learning

Teachers have a lot to do every day with their students. They need to make sure that the students have the basics down pat so that they can ace those important tests, and also graduate to the next grade.

Project based learning is a great way to instill themes and concepts into the students in a more captivating and memorable way. But with all that they teacher has to accomplish in a short amount of time with sometimes 30 students how can this happen?

Many teachers may worry that incorporating project based learning will take time away from teaching concepts that the students need to know for standard   exams. Measuring results from project based learning can be a bit more subjective and therefore harder to assess and report.

Sometimes the question is how? How can project based learning be woven into the everyday learning concepts that need to be accomplished during the school year. Here are 3 ways that teachers can practically incorporate project based learning into the classroom quickly.


Think about ways that a necessary standard unit can be taught with a project. Perhaps the students need to understand the basics of economics. Perhaps they can learn economics by working on a business based project so they can see how economics works in the real world.


Perhaps the teacher can take several topics that need to be covered and combine them into one project. For example if the students need to learn about anthropology, art, history and social studies the students can work on recreating a piece of art that a particular historical group of people encountered that changed their culture as a whole.



Consider streamlining the educational day by playing detective and uncovering the activities that do not actually move learning forward. Some of these activities are unmeasurable, or are not proven. Remove activities that suck up time with little to no return on investment.
Hopefully these tips will help you incorporate project based learning into your classroom. If you are looking for more ways to incorporate projects into your classroom contact Stratostar today.