What will you discover with a
high altitude weather balloon?

Take your experiment to the edge of space with StratoStar


Why launch a high-altitude weather balloon?

  • Gather incredible real-time data
  • Create space-like testing conditions
  • Stimulate advanced learning

At StratoStar, we provide schools and scientists with the equipment, training, software, and support they need to experience Earth from 60,000 feet up (or more!).

There’s no substitute for the edge of space— and its extraordinary ability to inspire students, generate remarkable data, and accelerate the next generation of innovative ideas

Enjoy a fully-supported launch

Simulate true space conditions

Gather and Analyze real-time data


“I have not done a program in 16 years of teaching which has engaged as many students as the StratoStar Program” – Buffy – Middle School Science Educator

Utilizing StatoStar’s training and SatCom Program our engineers are able to rapidly test their prototypes and software using high-altitude balloons, which provides valuable data to accelerate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

alex  – Northrop Grumman 

Not sure where to start?

We get it— High-altitude ballooning seems complex!

Between the specialized equipment, strict FAA rules, and training required, launching a DIY weather balloon program is expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why StratoStar offers a variety of specialized services for schools, companies, and research teams. We understand you’ve got limited time and funding— and we’ve developed a comprehensive weather balloon program that makes the most of both.

Use the buttons below to learn more about our fully supported high-altitude weather balloon programs, tailored to your individual needs:

The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Your Classroom

It’s not easy to capture students’ attention— especially when it comes to STEM learning.

In this guide, you’ll get the steps and advice you need to create a memorable near-space experience for your classroom.