STEM & PBL program for your core curriculum

We help you add hands-on STEM into your existing courses.

Online Educator PD

Live and pre-recorded training sessions.

Teacher / Student Resources

Multi-channel content to guide the learning process.

All Supplies / Equipment Provided

Turnkey so you can focus on your students.

Many students are simply not engaged.

How do you reach students who aren't motivated to learn?

S.H.A.R.E. Mission

Students only memorize answers.

Students feel they just need to memorize the information for a grade.

Educators need support.

Educators want to help students engage in hands on-learning.

The world is changing.

All the answers are online and students need new skills to be competitive in future careers.

Make Learning Real

I was your “unengaged” student! School was difficult for me, as it felt like I would just memorize facts and spit them out on the test. But the summer was different because I was learning by doing!

For the last 14 years I have taken this idea of hands-on learning with a holistic approach, and used it to help you develop a new educational program — from planning, implementation, and long term support for your educators.

S.H.A.R.E. Mission

Who We Work With

K-12 School Districts
College Prep Schools
Government Agencies
Corporate Training Departments
Large Museums
Corporate Educational Outreach
Science Camps

How a StratoStar Mission Works

These missions can be implemented in 10 class periods or be extended to an entire semester depending on your educational needs.

Meet Our Clients

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Student Projects at the Edge of Space

See how your students will apply their learning by developing science and engineering projects and launch them to the edge of space with the StratoStar program!

Get Started

4 Simple Steps to a StratoStar Program


Request Proposal

Fill out our short form with basic information about your organization and educational needs.


Meet with Jason

Conduct a 15 minute phone or web meeting to have your questions answered and help us better understand educational needs and challenges.


Proposal / Implementation Plan

Receive a proposal and implementation plan including startup cost, operation cost, and how to achieve educational goals.


Direct Support

We are here to support you every step of the way, from meetings with your colleagues, brainstorming funding ideas, and beyond your first mission for years to come.

We are here for you every step of the way.

We know it’s difficult and time consuming to start a new educational program.

We have helped hundreds of organizations start StratoStar Programs, and we will meet you and your team where you are, to make learning real for your students!

Standards Alignment

We have curriculum aligned with NGSS and we can help you integrate StratoStar missions into existing curriculum.

Working with FAA

All of our materials and procedures meet the FAA standards for weather balloons and we help you coordinate with FAA For your launches.

Educator Training

All of our training resources are online and suitable for any educator to train on every aspect of the StratoStar Program.

Class Time

This can be customized based on educational needs, but on average 10 class periods are needed and you can stretch this to be an entire semester project.

Additional Resources

The StratoStar Program comes with everything you need to get started, except helium and help you source that locally.

Recovery of Equipment

We have over a 99% recovery rate on over 1000+ missions. Our job is to ensure your program will continue.


Buffy Sexton

"I have not done a program in 16 years of teaching which has engaged as many students as the StratoStar Program…. we try to reach 100% of our students and this is the closest I have ever been."

Buffy Sexton

STEM Teacher - Jefferson County Public Schools


"We have had students go into STEM fields because of the StratoStar Missions. That is pretty freaking cool!"

Jon Pierce

STEM & Innovation Coordinator - Cherry Creek School District


"There is nothing that can fit hands-on STEM like StratoStar. The program has given us access to the whole atmosphere!"

Andy Wilkins

PLTW Coordinator - Noblesville Public Schools

Students are not engaged and believe all the answers are online.

The explosion of information in the last decade has put much of the collective human knowledge in our pockets. If students believe school is a place to memorize information, they will not be engaged because they can simply look it up. We need students to be engaged, explore, and ask questions for which Google has no answer.

StratoStar Program

Includes everything you need to get started, train your educators and start flying student projects! We look forward to helping you and your team on a journey to make learning real!

  • Educator Training / PD
  • Student Labs / Resources
  • Direct Support
  • Avionics Equipment
  • Flight Supplies
  • Launch Checklist
  • Software / Subscriptions
  • Outreach Materials

We have heard from many of our StratoStar Program educators and students who have said their mission will be remembered for a lifetime.  We would love to learn more about the vision you have for your students and educational needs. Use the button below to tell us a little about your institution and we will connect!

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